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Why Get Moving?

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Currently 69.2% of our population is overweight, while 35.6 percent of this overweight population is considered obese. Only one in five (or 20.6 percent) of adults in the U.S. currently meet the minimum standard of physical activity for muscle strengthening and aerobic physical activity, both of which are directly associated with increased BMI and health-risk factors. Previous generations existed in more mechanical-based and labor based markets where physical activity was part of everyday life. Though medicine has made many advancements over the years, there is no denying that these abrupt changes in physical activity and diet have led to an increased risk of poor health related to heart disease and diabetes, including early death.

A Need for Movement in Our Youth

Recent studies show that today’s 10 year olds are the first generation expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. It is a harsh reality that has suddenly found our country in need of action. In order for us to change this growing epidemic action needs to start at home with our own children.

First lady Michelle Obama has taken the lead in the Let’s Move! Campaign with community leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses and parents in a nationwide campaign to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity. Their one very important goal is to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation. A major part of this campaign is increasing the physical activity of our children. By working with your children and modifying every day activities to include movement and nutrition you will find that this becomes a lifestyle that is healthy and rewarding. Visit their website for more great ideas and helpful tips.

When to see a Physical Therapist

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In the case of medical conditions, physical therapists have exceptional skill sets and expertise in prescribing exercise for functional improvement, mobility, and reducing risk factors. The prescribed activities either directly address medical conditions or creatively work around them in a safe manner to improve the patient’s ability to be active and healthful.

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