Picking a pediatrician can cause new parents a lot of anxiety-. This person will be not only your child's doctor, but guide you through many sleepless nights of fever, earaches and croup. You want to find someone you trust, respect and see eye to eye with, and who your child feels good about. After all, their doc will care for them (and you) from the day you first bring them home until they graduate from high school. For a list of pediatric services click here.

PORTLAND - Oregon Pediatrics. At Oregon Pediatrics, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be healthy and happy. We value every child that comes through our doors, providing care in a competent, nurturing environment. Each of our providers strives to work as a team member with parents and caregivers to achieve the best health outcomes for our patients. With over 60 years of combined experience in pediatric care, our doctors know that good communication with parents, families, and the children we care for is vital to a successful doctor-patient relationship.

GRANTS PASS - Our mission at Siskiyou Pediatric Clinic is to provide excellent pediatric medical care to the children of Grants Pass and the surrounding areas. It is our goal to provide a family-friendly, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to patients, families and our employees. In order to provide the highest level of care for our patients and increase our knowledge-base, we will continue to do research to determine and implement treatments to better care for our patients and be a passionate advocate on behalf of our patients.

MEDFORD - Southern Oregon Pediatrics . Southern Oregon Pediatrics has been a part of Southern Oregon since 1993. With a dedicated staff and a commitment to the health of their patients, look forward to serving you and your children as they grow.

BEAVERTON - The Doctors Luce is staffed by husband and wife pediatricians whose desire is to create a low patient volume full service pediatric clinic where medical needs can be fully addressed and time made available to work on the most important part of medicine—prevention. We are dedicated to provide a low volume high quality patient care for the population in and around Beaverton. We offer a concierge type practice to engage with patients in a more traditional manner. For example we offer walk-in acute appointments so that you can see your provider, if in clinic.