According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, pain is associated with a wide range of injury and disease, and is sometimes the disease itself. Some conditions may have pain and associated symptoms arising from a discrete cause, such as post-operative pain or pain associated with a malignancy, or may be conditions in which pain constitutes the primary problem, such as neuropathic pains or headaches. Millions suffer from acute or chronic pain every year and the effects of pain exact a tremendous cost on our country in health care costs, rehabilitation and lost worker productivity, as well as the emotional and financial burden it places on patients and their families.

MEDFORD - Here at Ventana Wellness, PC, we aspire to see the overall well-being of our patients improve and to observe among them lowered rates of the diseases and conditions that are the leading causes of death and disability: diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, and depression.  Whether you are seeing us to retain optimal health or recover from a medical illness or injury, our purpose is clear - to give you a health care experience that is remarkable.

PORTLAND - Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, and chest pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the Emergency Department. This is why OHSU created a Chest Pain Center within our Emergency Room. The Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care designated OHSU the first hospital in Oregon to become accredited for its chest pain center. Nationally-recognized experts verified that heart attack patients receive the best possible care while at OHSU.

Eugene - For some of you, your visit to Eugene Healing Center may be the first time you are considering Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy. Our patients keep returning because they appreciate our focus on several basic principles.Our emphasis is on the restoration of function, not simply the relief of pain. With restored function (i.e. range of motion, strength, endurance, etc.) the body's ability to heal itself is highlighted and encouraged. When this occurs the pain typically disappears or is greatly reduced.

BEAVERTON - Carpenter Chiropractic. Dr. Kereah Carpenter of Carpenter Chiropractic, uses multiple safe, effective and gentle techniques to relieve pain.  She is dedicated to providing you with the best possible Aloha chiropractic care.  Have you had a new injury or do you suffer from a chronic painful condition?  Maybe you are seeking a natural alternative to daily medication, wanting to avoid a pending surgery or noticing diminishing function, performance and overall health of your body.  Dr. Carpenter will provide the education and traditional chiropractic care necessary for your health and the health of your loved ones.